Film And Entertainment Co-Production
The film and entertainment co-production contract is often the Continental European Film industry’s most central document for a film or TV production. In the Anglo-Saxon world the Interparty Agreement has become the dominant and most important document for the film industry.
The co-production contract is the document where the parties agrees on how to share the copyright to the film in question.
It is also the document that determents all of the financial arrangements concerning the film in question, such as who is contributing with what kind of money, on which conditions and how this funding is recouped, but it is also a document regulating a huge number of labor related matters, including who will be engaged to which assignment on the movie and on which conditions.
So Neumann Lawfirm is your partner in designing the content of a co-production agreement in terms of copyright law, financing law and employment law plus of course contract law in it’s broadest meaning.