Intellectual Film Property and Entertainment Law

Neumann Lawfirm is a boutique law firm providing Intellectual Film Property and Entertainment Law.

Film and Entertainment Financing

Neumann Law firm have over 35 years of experience in advising and assisting in funding and structuring the complex patchwork of securing financing for film or TV production.

Film Co-Production

Film co-production has always been a core part of the movie industry, and existed since its beginning. The inclusion of more than one person, identity or company on film production, or any other copyright protected project; is classified as a co-production.

Film Production Completion Bond

A Film Production Completion Bond or Completion Guarantee is a highly specialised financial instrument. It was developed to secure investor funding for film productions, and to relieve independent producers of the struggle to raise funding for productions.

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We combine knowledge and research, along with multiple years of experience in developing and implementing film funding and other matters related to Entertainment Law.